you win

you've got what you wanted. even though it's gone now, you know that you won in the depths of my mind.

now with each passing day i crave more for interaction, but i'm being left alone by the people i used to trust.

and that is when you made your move, in the moment i most need someone to talk, you creep in my mind, waiting for me to come back to you.

a message so carefully crafted so you know i'd be back in barely a month even though your last messages would beg to differ.

but you got rid of these too, don't worry, i got pictures to remind myself how much you really hate me before sending you the first message.

so if you are reading my words i'll let you know that you won. i can't get you out of my mind and every night i'm at the border of messaging you.

the only thing left stopping me are my few friends who know about this but it won't last long and my barriers are going to fall.

is this what you really wanted? to see me suffer yet again? i had forgotten about you, i thought i had made it alive.

but oh i was so wrong, little did i know you would come back to haunt me in all of my dreams, if i even get them anymore.

you win. see you soon.