time does not heal but being alone does

i hope you're happy with the path that you've taken because oh, i know you are. i am your only game.

it was into may when you decided you got bored, and needed something for the sake of your own entertainment.

i'm growing stronger with every single minute that passes. and i refuse to be your angel, not your savior anymore.

you won't entice me with any carefully crafted words that you may have for me. no apology will save you now.

you had been abusing me, manipulating me, and got me to believe things i just can't believe ever came out of my hands.

so stop trying to appeal to my known weaknesses, to the things i used to enjoy and you destroyed for me.

you don't deserve any more affection from me, so i will die as soon as possible, just as you told me.

i don't care what you have, it was eating me inside, it was killing me not for you to pretend i'm healed now.

you ruined romance for me i'm that stupid useless scumbag you hate so much. choke on your own words.


[and if someone's reading this, i simply couldn't continue] [it's not my first language, and my mind is all a mess] [i just can't write anything coherent about this right now] [i still need time to process] [but if you did read it, thank you so much]

// time does not heal but being alone does //