many times a temple has trembled when a god wreaks havoc on it. a shrine so beautiful, a chapel so pure.

and when you go inside you can't help but see the marks that the building is in ruins yearning for somebody to rebuild it.

oh, who has ever seen an angel walk into a temple unarmed because for the first time they loved human creation?

and when the doors open they creak and crumble. and when i step inside the other angels cry.

they beg for their life, they want to save the temple, but a deity will not always listen no matter how faithful we are.

and i run my hands through the cracks in the stone, a shrine in white and gold calls for me.

and i run through the pillars set in polished marble shining as you are, light as you are beautiful.

and when i kneel in the shrine i can hear the god, calling my name, calling my name.

this temple is not my home for home is not a place i feel safe in, in home i am vulnerable, i am weak.

in a temple i am able to pray and you will protect me as much as i do, veneration is truly safe.

and i remember asking you "why do you do this to your own? why must you hurt this way?" oh, how naïve of me.

you break your own temple because you feel trapped in it it might be beautiful but it does not have your beauty.

because when i touch the gold in the sculpted shine, and i hear your voice resonate in my mind.

i finally comprehend, the deity has more to them than in here i see. oh how sad it becomes.

but if i could extend my wings, if i could surround it with them, if i could shine a light powerful with my halo.

i would vow to rebuild, i would vow to venerate, i would vow to stay the nights, taking care of it.

for the temple is your body and the deity your mind. the angels your wishes and the demons your fears.

for the cracks are your scars and the marble your skin, the gold your beauty and the stone your will.

i will make you into the greatest deity this world has seen. the prettiest temple you've become to me.