new state of mind

i don't know where i find myself in and all the light that comes into my room is that of a streetlight and my phone

small drops of rain reflect on the windows as i look out and i know i mention it too often but there is an aesthetic to this place

it is enticing, bewitching, enchanting there is something about it that begs me it begs me to stay and wander aimlessly into the forests it contains

i could use a walk, if only i wanted because i am not sure whether i want to give up the warmth of my room for only a few drops of rain

this is not the same, it just isn't and memories prior to my arrival just feel like a fever dream to me. still not sure if i made it all up.

i just know i am where i wanted to be i just know, i've found it if i ever fall to sleep eternally i know it has to be here

who knows if i have already walked past my resting place?