"Homing pigeon, tell me all" "Why she doesn't love me so?" "Try again for me, just go" "Where did I go wrong?"

Your blood painted the moon red. The symbol of the lovers stained with death. A look so cruel, bulletproof, but you weren't.

But you weren't.

// They shot one down but we were there for you. // // Gunshot wounded, howling at the moon. // // A night so clear, a moon so red. // // Stars. //

"Homing pigeon, tell me all" "Why can't she just love me so?" "Will I get well tomorrow?" "It just takes courage"

You were angry, showing teeth, them so sharp and you were hungry. "There's no food", you said bluntly, and you felt scared.

You felt scared.

// You hit the wall and shouted at the cruel. // // The sound of music hunted you for good. // // We were alone, I told you, "look". // // Stars. //

We sat down against the wall, all your friends started to come. There's some demons that won't go, you had bloodthirst.

I told you to look at the sky. There was no light but there were stars. You lost control and I saw the calm that's coming.

The calm that's coming.

// You felt the purple that I built for you // // Watch the big dipper, in a ground so smooth // // I wish that I could've held your hand // // Stars. Stars. //