Start of the day: I don't want to die but I never want to try. They say destiny is mine, but why would I ever wanna say goodbye?

An art piece, a masterpiece that some say it's me, always up for going there, never down to be here.

Could be walking down the streets, visit the place I want to leave. Just want to die somewhere else, I'm really such a mess.

Somewhere I would rather be is something you all can dream. Identity as a sin, destruction: incomplete.

Shivers take my spine, all my fears, they're combined. A poem in a frame, someone thinks it's lame.

Achievements, finish lanes, a race that never ends, a future that never bends, I can't ever find my friends.

Broken poets, blank poems, empty words in this mode and will you find the code? To my prison, 101 is the node that connects it all, pictures in this hall, a hole in my wall, that my heart used to escape the cage, avoid decay, broken veins, the mind that wanted fame, boxed in a frame, always the same I say

Second verse:

I don't want to feel, stuck in the loop, "it's not real". If I would have myself, I would have someone to kill.

Sometimes all things, others nothing, never something, makes you think. I haven't had a drink, I still believe in dreams.

Am I still a kid, or am I allowed to leave? Don't take my life away just take it from him.

There's the line, it's not mine. Unallowed to decide, I never take pride.

Counting down each verse, a text that is so terse. "Must be something but it's nothing, so I just go back to bed".

Crying in the floor, noone opened the door. Meanwhile someone gets poor and we say it's a small world.

Finding hope in songs, that talk about the Lord. Do I really believe in someone else but my mom?

She's there, just asleep, can't feel anything but my limbs, I shaved the other day, an order to take away.

Preparation to start your day, but never help to finish them. Hoping for a new sun, I just feel so down

By the end of the day...