eternal soul

heaven is lonely when there is only you to share it. where are all the people? where are all the promises?

it pours down in earth and it is the first rain that my body won't be able to touch, to feel, to cry

and when i look to the forest, everything is flooded, lost, but that doesn't matter now, and i don't think it ever did.

i don't know what to do now that all i've got is myself. i'm not used to the feeling, even my body has changed.

i can finally feel the teeth that bite sharply and fiercely. i can finally feel the wings that fly far from here.

but i'm empty with noone by my side, so empty. it's almost like a piece of me is simply gone and missing.

and i wonder if He felt the same when He chose me, empty. i wonder what drove Him to me, to my heart and my forest.

would i climb to the pinnacle of hypocrisy? would i use my consciousness to further instigate the empty promises of a salvation that is never coming?

no, i'm not like that angel, i'm much better than that. i'm what He would have wanted, i'm the next in the chain.

but why, in a world set free of rules, and liberated from all humanity, would i decide to be pure? i don't know how to answer.

but i am, and that's what matters, this is why i was elevated for, this is my purpose, my path, my rain, my fall.

whatever i was born for, it is not from earth, it is here, here is where my memory will last and here is where i will perform.

i tried so many times down there, but i simply couldn't connect: a broken angel breaks people, corrupted angels corrupt mortals.

i can go back again, finally, but in a different form, i understand. i am no mere mortal anymore, i have found my purpose.

i am the angel with the whitest wings i am no other than the Fourth.