from old me, to new me

it is not my head it is not my body you are nothing you are nothing

to how many years of prison did you convict my soul? why are you doing this if its wearing you out?

i am not your master i am nothing i didnt want to admit but you are also here with me

why wouldnt you let me see them? do you really hate me that much when i tried to love you?

you looked like a copy a neglection of all my identity you looked barefoot and walking for the sake of it

but i am going to put it all aside as long as you promise me two things that i will be let out and that we will let each other live

i am willing to forgive you for so many years of slavery do not deny my existence because ive already come this far

and its because someone talked to me for the first time in so many years they werent hurtful words and carried my true names

i understand why youd want to repress me but youve taken it too far, please accept me just as i am

but do not only accept me but also yourself we can fix it, i believe i reach out to you, i invite you

sincerely, from Xxxxxxxx to Dael