remedy for a broken heart

a lie and an "i love you", regardless of the order. a heart and a promise, that end up broken.

i tried to be perfect, but im never enough, i want to give all that is in me, but it never works

i tried to heal your cracks, that they left behind, convince you that nothing was wrong, but i couldn't hold it in

i can feel your stare, behind any screen, i can feel your depth, that black that consumes me

and i feel at the border of a cliff, i know that if i keep looking, i will fall, and otherwise, you will.

i tried to sacrifice myself, here i am and so i did, i fell backwards, sustaining the stare.

and i fell for the same problems that i warned you about and i fell in the same tricks from which i tried to protect you

i came down to be able to understand you better, to get close even if distant, to calm you even if irrelevant, because i really care

but only two kinds of people understand your problems: those who have your eyes, and those who you killed with your eyes, those who you killed

im not the only one in this abyss, people that i almost don't get to understand

you saw me fall and i asked you to turn around, now i dont see you and darkness consumes my eyes. the spiderweb consumes my mind, ensuring the most absolute collapse of my state.

so many things that i promised that you knew i was incapable of fulfilling, for a reason or another, i cant be happy

many things that i told you, that i now regret, and now that you're free you remember me with bitterness

now im just one of them, someone you thought understood you, but i lied in so many things, that i got rid of reality completely

broken heart for no reason, i lost it all for losing one thing, i wasted it all for wasting your love, but i cant accept it

i ask you to follow your heart, because it is still full of light, it still has wings to fly, and i cant hold it anymore

time for you to get rid of me, time for you to bury me by your tomb, time for you to look at me for the last time, time for you to say that it's all over

i know how many they were and now im only a number, another person that allowed themselves to hurt you, even when they didn't recognize it

i was stupid, selfish, i didnt believe to be the light that really guides you, but now you move on, and i lie in my deathplace

time for you to forget me, time for your darkness to consume my eyes, time for your problems to be mine, time for your songs to sing my cries

i had many attempts, and i didnt use any of them. people that mattered to me, who i would end up destroying

and i know you two tried to ignore it, now i know that nothing was true, that it really hurt, that you want to forget.

i dont know whether i should move on, or return to my roots. whether i should continue, or face my ghosts.

hate me, step on me, dont remember me as someone who saved you, break me, destroy me, dont have me as someone kind-hearted

i dont know if im able to hold someone without hurting them. i make myself believe not and so i get into this abyss alone.

spit on me, laugh at the youth we suffer. forget, confess, whether you really felt something.

i cant believe that in some years you will only be a memory of my childhood, of my useless attempts of being who i am not

a love that is not corresponded, is what i made you suffer from, now i pay the price, with your own sufferment.

i break, i decay, i decompose and i break down, many things that i promised, many things that wont come true, many false hopes that i gave you

only for my future to repeat these errors, for my person to hate themselves, for my body to unappreciate itself, for my soul to rebel

a remedy for a broken heart, i would wish to give you so that you can ban me from it, and the only solution, is to break mine