a pencil

a pencil is all you need to start a revolution. two people, all you need to share an emotion.

the sea is not deep if you only float in it. nobody is going to complain as long as they get well fed.

what you see nor what you hear can be trusted, you don't know it. there's more than one perspective, and some take it to their deathbed.

if you wake up and seeing hurts, don't stop seeing, improve what you see. an empty hand doesn't give warmth but it's better if it's more than a hundred.

i share my message, i leave myself in debt, to give that warmth to the people surrounded by ice.

what we create is a mirror that reflects reality just as we see it, and i have many.

if you are like me, free, and don't adhere to conventional rules. you understand this message as a whole. you might be like me but always you.

and if the kids don't know that we're there for them they will have to start from scratch, suffering and from the beginning.

a pencil is all you need to start a revolution.