The path starts in education and the walkers are the children. The horizon has no limit and the sailors are the outlaws.

More than injured rebels by the people who put them at shooting range. They may think, but they will never walk the path of oblivion.

Child, put on your shoes, I'll take you on a walk. If the parents don't do it, someone will have to educate them instead.

Walk towards the beasts and stab them with your knife. If you don't do it, someone will have to save us instead.

The miserable remains one if nobody lets them walk. Let them silence us, let them silence us, we will start to shout.

Walker, there's always a way as long as you make it be seen. Walker, guide your steps since in ten years we'll perish.

What is an unread book but a pile of paper? What is a forest without trees but a place to build?

History repeats itself because they want it to repeat. These cries repeat themselves because nobody else cries for Earth.

Walk towards the beasts and someday you will come back.