I saw you be happy, before I left, I talked to you, because I wanted to farewell.

Not knowing that it would be the last time I would see you, because you never count on that. We always pretend all goes on.

And you were not the person I visited the most, but you were not the one I loved least either.

Because I still remember your face, your color, your life, your house. I still remember your voice, asking: How are you? Is everything OK?

I still remember calling you, even if just for a little bit. I still remember loving you, and seeing you walk in your house.

And when I got the news today, I did not know how to feel except the empathy for the people that were around you.

Because I can assure you that they will miss you, they loved you too. They cared for you as you did for them.

You were and will be an incredible memory for me. A small part dedicated to thinking of you.

It is now empty, but the echo of your voice carries on and bounces off the walls of my mind once and again.

God has a special place for you, there, so high up, so you can finally rest.

We cry our solitude today but I celebrate your life, for being the greatgrandma that your greatgrandchildren got to meet.

God save you Your floating soul Rest In Peace

María (12 Apr 2020)