to the forest

i found a log between all the trees. one that's broken, fallen so i could sit.

the sun is setting where i am, but i don't know where that is. time has passed, i don't know what i'll do today.

because when i look around, and i see how far i've gotten, i don't believe i'm sitting on this tree.

i don't even know the leaves falling in the autumn. i only know it is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.

because i walk through it and i hear a distant melody, that tells me to sing it, whistle it.

because i walk through it and i smell the smoke of wood, so unique, so full and peculiar.

here i am, among several logs, among angels of my kind.

because i see every soul that hides here, in this forest, and call me to fly wit them.

i've cried so many times, trapped for so many days, and here i am, alone in this forest.

so that now i cry of happiness, i'm where i wanted to be. a bit of luck, a bit of effort.

to get lost in a forest and not look back.