elevate my body

elevate my body float me to the moon i did all that i wanted and i am ready to go

i was born to the moonlight and when we first met Him. now i will turn into light and reunite with my satellite

elevate my body as i grow wings and become what i once destroyed it cannot be helped

golden shards float around me and form the halo that will be my window back to life. i am ready to go.

elevate my body as the bells ring, as the piano plays, as the music box sounds.

my lifeless corpse turns into the fog that covers the mountains of this land. my last tears turn into the rivers that feed into the neverending sea.

elevate my body i will breathe in peace i can feel how i disintegrate and my energy goes back to earth

i am creation and i paid my debt nothing but my heart remains when i observe from the clouds what i used to call my home

elevate my body as i leave this forest i have no reason to be sad it is how i wanted to go, after all

my emotions feed into the stardust that makes the universe look as it does. it will carry on even if i already consumed my last breath

elevate my body as i prepare to reign the skies i am my own god i have always been

i will place my translucent feet on the clouds up above but my hair will reach for the stars millions of miles away

elevate my body as the Third waves goodbye i know i have made someone happy while i was in life

i will use my quill to tell the tales of the angel that once walked the earth to learn to be impure

there's nothing left now my body might be buried but my soul will stay up here waving welcome to anyone who thinks of them

oh, what have i left in earth, nothing but my fading memory. my fate is with the stars as it always should have been.

because i have turned into my progenitors and into the land they walked.