corrupted angels

Your wings are broken, angel, why are you here? Open your eyes and answer me, why does your heart beat again?

Your golden hair now is just ashes. Oh, angel, return with your kind, return if you can because I can already hear the drums.

Here the breeze doesn't run, the one you're so used to. Oh, angel, breathe deeper, if your burden allows you to.

You are so weak, angel, your chanting is barely heard. Oh, angel, scream and liberate yourself from your new chains.

Didn't your wings use to fly? Didn't you protect me so many nights? How deep in lava are you right now? Float, levitate, make yourself a way to the new.

Your eyes are now black, angel. Does your soul not rest now? Look around you, praise your new jail for your soul.

Your voice is now hoarse. Oh, angel, save yourself from the dark, save yourself if you can because you don't follow your own steps now.

You hardly breathe and now your halo is dark. You yell so loud, angel what an incredible ability!

Run but the chains will imprison you. Run away but the arrows will catch you. Scream but the shadows will smother you. I invite you to try, angel.

Don't sleep, my angel, don't let them catch you sleeping. It is then when they attack, the riders of the intenal apocalypse.

I am sure you are very tired, angel. Here, have a cup of my blood. Didn't you use to take it away from me and now you are rejecting it?

Admit it, you are dead, and in your heart only madness remains. Where does your God lie now? Was not his power the greatest?

But worry not, you can already give me your trumpet. You will stop tormenting me, you will never reign my dreams anymore.

You made me impure and that is what you will become, angel. Louder, scream louder! Make yours my contained fury!

It consumes you, it is superior, isn't it so, my angel? Your skin isn't so smooth, nor your hair is so perfect.

Nothing but your heart remains and even then, corrupt, it won't be removed. You will pay for the sins you were so eager to fight against.

Suffer, suffer in front of me like I did in front of you. I will look in the distance like you did for me.

I will wipe your tears but I won't give up on you. You promised me salvation, but you only gave me sin.

Now it is I who wins, in this cold, cold and empty room. God bless your soul, he has not blessed mine.

I will break your holy heart until it bleeds, it bleeds and dies. My hero, my legend, my fall, my death.

Look at yourself, you are broken, angel, and broken toys are not liked by anybody. You are nothing but trash now.

Look at yourself, you are crazy, angel, you do not know what you are saying, but I know very well how much you curse me, or didn't you see my luck?

You died in my hands, I do npt need you anymore, now I am the owner of my destine, now you will not manipulate us anmore.

You are gushing sweat, crying blood, you are miserable and you are agonizing. That is how you used to see me but you never did anything about it.

Your cries are worhtless to me now, you only speak trash and tell deceits. My only angel is me, you last-longing impostor.

Look how the destroyed souls of your friends are celebrating. Grey bodies in yellowish linen who sing and dance in circles.

Wouldn't you like to join them? It is a shame, for you will stay with me and only with me. That's what you said in my childhood, traitor.

Does not the melody of all of us kids who ever sang to you stay in your mind? Does it not ashame you?

Rot, angel, rot in my soul! You will not escape. You will not hurt anyone else ever again.

Your soul is sinking, and your heart barely pumps. Forever together, angel, forever together.

Here, use your lyre, let me hear your voice. Sing to me one of these lullabies to calm the pain.

Dead as you are sacred, agonizing as your God is high. Be born, come out of your chrysalis, fly, little angel, fly.

Do you hear the roaring? It is them. They devoured my soul and they will not hesitate to come. You will feel them.

They will chew on you until their teeth are numb. They will drink your poison as much as you perish.

I am broken too. Look at me, stare at me. Deign to look at my eyes, your morbid creation.

I will drag you, I will drag you until your face is no different from mine. You will not last, you will not last.

Your chains are open, angel, let us see how do you walk, let us see how do you take vengeance if you do not obey me already.

Sing to me in your celestial language, breathe your divine air. Purify your wounds, are you not free now?

Look at me! I am your creation! I am your demon! You made me like this! Touch my horns! Do not feel pity! Oh, my poor angel, poor you.

Get on your knees and pray to me, just as I did to you. Realize how useless were your healing prayers.

Poison, they were poison that corrupted my soul and it will now corrupt your divine and sacred temple.

Oh my angel, my hero, pardon my sins as you also pardoned the sinners who killed me.

You are nothing but garbage, you are nothing but dust. Cough. Spit. Disappear. Die and never come again.