to the brahms' lullaby

Sing to the night, sing to the moon, be the new angel that guards my cradle.

I wish I had counted all the dreams that you guided me through when we were younger.

Your melody continued to resonate in my head, when I had to cry at night, silently.

But one day you got lost and I couldn't find you again. You were spinning in my head and one day I lost track.

You were art so I left, and worldwide I searched for you. Where are you, my angel? Even to Italy I will go.

And when I found you I broke in tears, I hugged you and told you that in my pocket you would be safe.

Now when I listen and I do it carefully, I still hear your voice, glorious in my mind.

But you are a soul and in my head you're present.

when i was young, i had a bunny stuffed plush. you could pull it and it would play a lullaby until i fell asleep. the music box was inside the head, and the bunny hung from my shelf so i could pull it before going to sleep. as i grew up, it had to be put away, and when i tried to get it back from the attic, it was filled with insect eggs. after me crying a lot, we had to throw it away. many years later, i had a school trip to Florence, Italy, and i entered a gift shop next to Il Duomo. there were some music boxes, labelled, and i played them one by one… until the last one… i played the first seconds of it, only to be overwhelmed with emotion and memories. i immediately bought the music box and started crying in that shop. i finally found it again, the nameless lullaby. Brahms' lullaby.