eternal body

here lies my gravestone, humid and mossy, forgotten. its body is already empty, there is nothing left.

my hands feed into the forest beside me, eternally. my neck makes the water of the stream move much strongly.

i do not exist corporeally anymore, but i do exist in the trees, i do exist in the clouds and in the lake.

i exist in the rain, i exist in other minds, in other gravestones, i will always exist.

and when the earth consumes its last breath, i know i will be part of a star, i will turn into its core and its light

and if there is life out there, and they look into the constellation my star forms, my light will reach them, i will exist with them, because it travels infinitely without stopping.

and the person that puts their gaze in me will know i am with them, that they have my strength. i will build my legacy for the eternal and not for the ephimeral.

leaving a trace in life is useless for me, the only infinite things are stars, who will welcome me among them as just another sibling.

and the cycle will continue forever, as long as the sky has stars and there is someone to watch them as someone looks at their lover.

and you? have you looked at the stars today?