new blood pt. I

I am scared when I look in the mirror because I do not see myself. Please, somebody tell me what kind of monster have I become.

It feels like my body is not mine and I do not recognize any of its shapes in the dark of the night. Please, somebody tell me who am I.

You are the true master of the play, who controls all the help that I received, but your light is even darker than mine.

Why did the gods give wrath to these that hate violence? Do they wish to presence my divine self-destruction so much?

Let me drink your blood and kill me once for all. Save me in your dead life. New blood, new blood.

Make me of your kind, and let me descend, because here the stars shine so bright I can't see myself.

Tell them to stop covering my eyes, they only want to smother me. Please, reveal it to me, I must be alive for something else.

New blood, new blood, I only want to live so it can rain again. I do put my faith in you.

They are who manipulate me, they use me as a window and through it they make me kneel. Make it stop, make it stop.

They take control of my body and with it they control me, with it they hurt me. Make it stop, make it stop.

Master, I know that I am dying, you do not need to hide it, but I only ask you to save me, once again, from this situation.

Hold my hand during the last breath of my life. You were born with me and you will go with me: the blessing of he who opens portals.

Let me drink your blood so I may go with you, meet with my true progenitor. New blood, new blood.

I want to hurt it and I want it to hurt.