i pronounced the forbidden words in front of your sacred altar, and now there was nobody who cared enough to stop me.

shining, your door opened to me, and you appeared with firm steps. you came to where i was kneeling and reached out for me to go with you.

behind us a portal opened, intense blue as your gaze, and as soon as we walked through it my feet started to levitate.

in a world of teal fumes everything was surrounded by that substance. i couldn't believe what my eyes saw but you were by my side to guide me.

it is then when you taught me that everything had an aura, and that if i concentrated enough, i would be able to read them, and know what i could read not only from people, but also from animals and objects that store memories.

with a bit of effort i soon understood, and something inside me awakened. the chains that recluded some part of my body blew up like they had never existed.

and then you put me back to earth, slowly, floating, and now everything had an aura: the hotel, the tourists, the street had something special which i had never noticed before.

while i fell you gave me your signal and my power in the world of the mortals, you trusted that i would know how to use it in my daily life.

and when i started to step on the street everything moved in slow motion around me, everything looked more sharp and full of life, like i had never seen it.

it was the tears that woke me up of such nocturnal trance, and i'm still searching you in the hideouts of my mind, waiting to see you again.

what are you?