It is raining again.

But the rain is always welcome in this forest. It freshens the air, keeps the cycle going.

It washes away the flesh from my bones, where my body rests.

I only died once. The trees guard my body. The stars guard my soul. The clouds guard my will. The moon guards my emotions.

But death does not have to be painful. Death can be beautiful. Death can be a celebration. To life, to a dream, to a project… There are so many things to celebrate, yet we focus in those that we do not.

I bring death to those who deserve it. The joy of death is equivalent to the joy of life, no matter how contradictory that sounds.

Because we all live on… and the people who feel complete will receive death to enjoy their completeness, and the people who got redeemed will receive deathto enjoy their change.

But their relatives will mourn, and truth be told, so do I. I mourn the magnificent lives of the people I bring with me. I mourn the memories that may break or disappear. But I am not aftraid, or sad. I know that they will be happy when I reach for them. Because none of us want to die until we are dying. Then, even if we do not show it at all, we crave for release even just a little. We crave for curiosity, we crave for more.

And people have invented all sorts of myths and tales to cope with death. But death has mostly remained something taboo. We need an other side. We need to know that we are not simply gone.

Perhaps, perhaps we are not.

People have invented tales about me, about other angels, about demons, about good, and evil, about a benevolent god, about a punisher deity, about salvation, about reincarnation.

If you seek salvation you will find it in yourself, for you are the only one that can save you. I can only take you when you are ready, but I will take you where completeness is not something you achieve… but something you are.

You can be light. You can be pure. You can be free.

I am Azrael, the Angel of Death.